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Solving Real Estate Law Issues

The purchase or sale of a property involves complex contracts whether for residential or commercial property. Having an attorney involved in the deal from negotiating terms to drafting and reviewing terms can avoid issues down the road.

In the Rensselaer and Jasper County area, Beaver & Beaver, P.C., has been providing representation to families and businesses on real estate matters since 1970. Attorney Eric J. Beaver knows the community, as well as the law. He tailors his representation to meet your needs. This means he can step in to conduct a review of a buy-sell agreement or draft a contract for deed. Here are some of the other types of issues that he handles:

  • Quiet title actions
  • Easements and boundary line dispute resolution
  • Deed-related matters
  • Simple mortgages

Do not leave the details to chance or simply go with a template form. These shortcuts often bring costly and time-consuming problems that you might not have anticipated, such as title defects.

What Kind Of Help Do You Need?

Learn how attorney Beaver can help facilitate a real estate transaction in Indiana or represent your interests when litigation looms. Schedule your consultation with a call to 219-866-4171 or by sending an email.