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Here For You And Your Family Today And In The Future

Who can benefit from estate planning? Everyone may seem like a broad answer, but it is truly the case. Developing a plan for the future can be a lasting gift to loved ones and is the only way to ensure your final wishes are known.

What should you consider before calling a law firm? The future. It’s going to be on your mind as your plan for how you would like a business or agricultural operation to pass to the next generation or who you would prefer to step in as the guardian of young children. Also, consider whether the law firm will still be around to administer your will. At Beaver & Beaver, we were founded in 1970 and have stood the test of time. We are here for you throughout the planning process and will be here in the future as well.

What Goes Into An Estate Plan?

Each estate plan will be unique to your unique situation. Some of the components or tools that we work with include:

  • A will that is often a foundation document where you can designate a guardian and leave wishes about property disbursement
  • Trusts that might protect a loved one with special needs or provide a vehicle to keep a cabin in the family
  • Advance directives that appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf when you cannot

After we meet with you, we will tailor a plan that meets your needs. This process is often less difficult than many clients initially assume. Peace of mind often comes once these documents have been signed and the process is complete.

We also assist with the administration of estates. We can assist with court filings, estate inventories and final disbursements. When disputes arise, our legal representation is designed to reach a resolution. If litigation is necessary, we have the capacity to take matters to court.

Now Is The Best Time

Get started with your estate planning today. If you have recently welcomed a child to the family, gotten married or divorced, or lost a spouse, it is also important to get an estate plan review. You can schedule a consultation with us today by calling 219-733-8891 or by sending an email.