Eric J. Beaver

Supporting the People of Jasper County Since 1970

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Protecting You And Your Business From Day One

Have you dreamed of running your own company? When you decide to go out on your own, initial decisions about entity formation matter. Once off the ground, legal issues can emerge when you least expect them. Having a number to call and a relationship with a Rensselaer and Jasper County attorney who knows your business can be crucial.

Partner with Eric J Beaver at Beaver & Beaver, P.C., in Rensselaer from the start. He provides experienced business law representation to companies throughout the area. In operation since 1970, the firm is rooted in the community and supports regional businesses by providing sound legal counsel at affordable rates, often on an ongoing, as-needed basis.

Experienced Counsel At Each Stage Of The Business Life Cycle

Mr. Beaver can explain the pros and cons of various entities – sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, corporation or S Corporation – and help you decide/set up your company in the most beneficial way. As you begin operations, he is available to assist with:

  • Contract review, negotiation and resolution of any contract disputes
  • Intellectual property trademarks
  • Employment matters related to policies and procedures as well as dealing with disgruntled former employees
  • Exit or dissolution upon retirement or for other reasons

When you have not yet reached the size to bring on in-house legal counsel, Mr. Beaver can provide legal representation as outside counsel when needed. Having a local lawyer at the ready means you can turn over the legal issues and get back to the day-to-day requirements of running and growing the business.

Get Representation When You Need It

What does the future look like? By helping you develop a strong legal framework and strategy, Mr. Beaver can help you succeed. Leverage his experience working with other business owners to avoid missteps and mistakes from the start. Schedule a consultation to discuss your plans by dialing 219-733-8891 or by sending a message.