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The Firm’s History In The Community

In 1970, James R. Beaver set out to practice law after completing his tenure as the chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Earl Landgrebe in Washington D.C. Beaver joined forces with retired Rep. Charles A. Halleck to form Halleck & Beaver P.C.  “Charlie” Halleck died in 1986.  In 2010, James Beaver’s son Eric J. Beaver joined the firm and the name became what it is today, Beaver & Beaver, P.C. In 2015, James R. Beaver retired from the practice of law.

201 West Washington Street

Built in 1868, the 201 West Washington Street building is the oldest building in downtown Rensselaer and sits within the Rensselaer Courthouse Square Historic District, a national historic district located in Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana.

The building originally housed Rensselaer’s first bank, the McCoy Bank, until its failure and liquidation in 1904. The Jasper Circuit Court appointed James H. Chapman as trustee and the property was conveyed to Delos Thompson, Charles Spitler and Frank Foltz, who co-founded the State Bank of Rensselaer which opened for business on June 1, 1904 in the McCoy building.

In 1916, the State Bank of Rensselaer left the McCoy building and moved into the building formerly occupied by the Trust and Savings Bank. Meanwhile, the Trust and Savings Bank bought the newly formed Farmers Bank and Trust Company and moved into the McCoy building on October 16, 1917.  In 1926, the Trust and Savings Bank purchased the First National Bank of Rensselaer. The Trust and Savings Bank closed on December 6, 1930 and reopened in April 1931 before closing for good in April 1932.

Luther F. Symons, Bank Commissioner of the State of Indiana took charge of the bank. The Indiana Attorney General represented the Commissioner and initiated receivership proceedings in the Jasper Circuit Court. George W. Scott was appointed Receiver. On September 8, 1934, the Receiver held a public auction with authority granted to him by Jasper Circuit Court Judge Moses Leopold. The purchaser was Wilson Shaeffer.

Upon returning from service in the United States Army with the 130th Station Hospital in England, France and Germany in World War II, Rensselaer native Dr. Ernest R. Beaver established his medical practice in December 1946 which he operated at 201 West Washington Street until his retirement in 1978.

Origin Of The Law Firm

In 1970, Dr. Beaver’s son, James R. Beaver, and retired U.S. Rep. Charles A. Halleck opened the law firm of Halleck & Beaver P.C. in the building’s 104 South Van Rensselaer Street location.

In 1978, Dr. Beaver retired. The doctor’s office was converted to a law office, and Halleck & Beaver P.C. relocated to the 201 West Washington Street address.

In 2010, Attorney Eric J. Beaver joined his father James R. Beaver in the practice of law, and Halleck & Beaver P.C. was renamed Beaver & Beaver P.C.

On July 3, 2023, we are sad to say that James R. Beaver passed away. James was the founding member of the law firm. Click here to see James’s obituary.

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