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The Firm’s Solid Foundation Goes Down To The Building It Occupies

Built in 1868, the building originally had an orange brick masonry exterior and several narrow windows on the first floor. During the occupancy of the McCoy Bank, a balcony traversed the second floor of the Van Rensselaer Street side of the building and wrapped around to the Washington Street side.


A façade had been installed on the lower level exterior. The existing façade, with a grey quarried stone appearance, was installed over the brick, and a portion of the wrap-around balcony was removed, as shown below during the occupancy of the Rensselaer State Bank in 1904.

By the early 1940s, the lower level windows were enlarged and situated in their present location.

Since 2014, the exterior has been fully remodeled, with the façade being resealed, all windows replaced, and the building repainted.