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Fighting For Fair Compensation After An Injury

Some moments change lives and even shatter the normal day-to-day routine. A commercial truck driver failed to look before turning out onto a road in front of a loved one’s car. An inattentive driver plowed into the back of your car. These accidents always seem to come at the worst time. Where can you turn for help getting resources in place to cover damage to a vehicle, medical treatment costs or replacement wages?

In Rensselaer and across Jasper County in Northwest Indiana, the law firm of Beaver & Beaver, P.C., has provided representation for the injured since 1970. Attorney Eric J. Beaver takes on the legal aspects of a claim so you can focus on getting better or grieving after the loss of a loved one. For a consultation and to discuss what happened with him, please call 219-733-8891.

Types Of Accidents And Injuries We Handle

It is often difficult to fully appreciate the severity of an injury right away. Adrenaline can mask the extent of the damage, and some symptoms might not develop for days or weeks. Whether a severe spinal cord injury that affects a range of movement or a traumatic brain injury has long-lasting cognitive impairments, attorney Beaver will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Some of the cases he handles include:

  • Commercial truck collisions when the size differential between an 18-wheeler or delivery truck and passenger vehicle often result in catastrophic damage
  • Car accidents that can occur due to inattentive driving, weather conditions or a variety of other issues
  • Motorcycle crashes that are often caused when other drivers on the road fail to watch for riders

When an accident takes the life of a loved one, attorney Beaver is prepared to fight for justice. While it is impossible to bring the loved one back, he will do everything in his power to ensure fair compensation to support remaining family members.

You may have medical malpractice claims when the negligence of a doctor results in a serious injury or death. This can occur with the failure or delay in diagnosis, surgical error or medication mistake. Attorney Beaver can be your gateway to pursuing your medical malpractice claims.

What Are Your Rights?

Before you ever consider accepting an insurance company settlement, learn your rights and get legal advice. Eric J. Beaver is here for you at the most difficult of times. Schedule your consultation with a quick message or by calling 219-733-8891.